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Photo of the La Spaghett dining area.
Photo of a La Spaghett table.

Welcome to La Spaghett. We at La Spaghett have been proudly serving the Golden Horseshoe community for over 20 years. Choices are endless as we serve over 30 artisan pasta sauces all made from scratch. Such limitless options are made infinite as we will gladly customize each sauce to please any discerning palate. In addition to our famous pastas, customers may choose to indulge in our premium salads and crostinis which include only the finest ingredients selected from local markets. For those in search of attending to their sweet tooth, you may sink into our wide selection of Dufflet's cakes and pastries. Another fabulous addition to any social gathering is to travel the world via sampling our ever changing selection of wines from private vineyards, many of which are not available at the LCBO.

At La Spaghett we have come to truly love our fantastic regulars who make serving our community a genuine pleasure. We look forward to building upon established relationships with our clients along with meeting new regulars. Because once you've come to La Spaghett, we know you'll be back to work your way through the boundless menu. So whether it's for a fabulous lunch, an important life milestone that simply must be celebrated, or to pamper a loved one with an intimate candlelit dinner, we welcome you to join our family here at La Spaghett.

Reservations highly recommended.